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Accessories for Verge Trim

WEC 771 End Caps

A good quality sealant must be applied to the inside of the profile before sliding the end cap into position.

Aluminium rivets should be used to secure the end cap in place.

Sealant must

be applied to the inside edge of the WEC 771 profile.

The end cap slides into the WEC 771 profile.

EC-R 771/50

EC-R 771/60

EC-R 771/70

EC-R 771/80

EC-R 771/90

EC-R 771/100

EC-R 771/110

EC-R 771/120

EC-R 771/130

EC-R 771/140

EC-R 771/150

EC-R 771/160

EC-R 771/170

EC-R 771/180

EC-R 771/190

EC-R 771/200

These end caps can be used with; WEC 771, WEC 781, WEC 791 AND IGT range of profiles.

WEC 771 Corner Details

External corner can be manufactured to suit the required profile.

Corner sections should be used to create the weathering detail when 2 profiles need to intersect each other.

A gap of approximately 150mm is required between the end cap and the underside of the connecting profile. The corner profile might need to be trimmed to achieve this.

WEC 771 Profile

WEC 771 Ext. Corner

End cap must be placed to seal the corner.

Profile to be mitred to the same angle as the corner.

A gap of approximately 5mm should be left between the 2 profiles.

This will allow the profiles to expand and allow any trapped water to escape.

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