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Custom Fabrications
Custom made sill with      welded fixing lug
Custom made Sills
Horizontal Feature Channels
Mitred Over-joint
Louvred Panels/Access Panels
Vertical Feature Channels

Cad & Manufacture


Give your project to Wemico and let us bring it to life.. Our skilled engineers work closely in partnership with you to optimise the best possible solution. Using existing digital drawings and sketches, our talented personnel will create a sample for your approval (or necessary changes) before proceeding to production. It’s all achieved quickly, cost effectively, and with no compromises.


Our blend of traditional craftsmanship and values alongside modern precision and pace allows quality products to be produced in the most cost effective way.


Wemico weld aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel in a fully skilled welding facility. Thicknesses can range from 1mm - 20mm.


Via perforated/laser cutting we can provide specialist expertise in product development from concept to production. And, with our state-of-the-art punch and laser with "lights out" loading systems that allow the machinery to be run unmanned, running costs are reduced.

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