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wec 781/50

WEC 781/60

WEC 781/70

WEC 781/80

WEC 781/90

WEC 781/100

WEC 781/110

WEC 781/120

WEC 781/130

WEC 781/140

WEC 781/150

WEC 781/160

WEC 781/170

WEC 781/180

WEC 781/190

WEC 781/200

Grind In Verge Trim

The WEC 781 is designed for use in situations where there are problems sealing the rear of the profile.

It is also a cost effective way to seal the system instead of increasing the roof line.


This profile also has an increased drip section to improve visual appearance and a large front face to help prevent the water blowing up and soaking the insulation.

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